Morehouse College

Because I didn’t finish my Bachelor’s Degree, and don;t ever plan to, many have asked me “What happened?”

Do not get me wrong, I had an insanely great time in school. I learned a lot of things while at Morehouse that I would have never learned anywhere else. My introduction to personal growth came at Morehouse, and an obsession for an higher standard of life was born there. If I had to recommend any institution of higher learner I would definitely recommend this place for any male.

I left Morehouse twice because I wanted more than what the school or the completion of the school could give me. I do not regret leaving, nor do I regret attending. Morehouse began modeling me into the great person that I will be.

For any young men who are looking to go to school this up coming semester you can apply for Morehouse here.

And I am a firm believer that there is too much opportunity for funding for school that no one should actually come out of pocket for formal education. Find some scholarships and apply for them here.


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