How a Rubber Band can Save Your Life

A little over a year ago I had a cell phone that still had buttons on it, like real buttons. I didn’t have the option to silence my keyboard when I wanted to send a text. While texting I felt like I was using a typewriter. Ironically though, there was a moment there where I actually liked my phone. I was always late with technology because I was the one person in high school with parents who thought kids shouldn’t have cell phones, so just the fact of having one made me feel like life was finally good.

But then new phones were created. There was a point when you were laughed at if you owned a flip phone, or if your phone didn’t have a camera or Internet capability (I was apart of this group). The only reason I was content with a phone that was only a phone and nothing more, was because there wasn’t anyone around to tell me that it wasn’t acceptable to own one. After I finally was adjusted to everyone else’s standard for cell phones I began to hate my phone. My solution? I waited for the iPhone 5 to come out so that I could laugh at the people who were laughing at me. My standards changed.

Our standards for our lives, and our acquisition of things, change when the standards of those around us change. I didn’t have to worry about my mother asking me about a Facebook post 3 years ago, but now I do because her cousins in Louisiana started posting their family pictures up there.

I heard a statement a few months ago, and I didn’t realize how true it was until I began thinking about what things I would never go back to. “The mind is like a rubber band; once you stretch it out, you can never go back.” This is the sole reason why it is so easy for us to raise our standards of living. The problem is that very few of us know where to go to raise our standards. The easiest way to raise your standards is to get around others with higher standards. This group of people have already seen a higher standard of life, so it almost impossible for them to regress. Being around them, neither will you.

Whenever you have a behavior that you wish to change, just get yourself around a group of people who have already mastered that standard of behavior you are looking for. For anyone who’s looking to eat healthier, I promise you if you get around people who are health enthusiasts they’ll hold you accountable for taking too many trips through the drive thru. They’ll also help you with that transition.

I personally was a notorious procrastinator. I always found reasons for not beginning things that I needed to start. This all changed once I got around a group of ex-procrastinators, those let’s do it now, right now or else people. For every excuse that I came up with, there was always a solution. I have been able to raise my standards for both technology and behavior. I did it. Yes, you can too.


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