Steve Jobs has Nothing on You


Maybe if you have kept your eyes and ears open for the past couple of years, you’ve heard of this old white guy named Steve. He pissed off a bunch of important people. He scared too many innocent people. If anyone ever worked with him, they’d probably tell you that he yelled a lot. Overall the guy was a total tool! Oh yea, and he kind of changed the entire world because he believed in something that really makes people extremely uncomfortable, the unknown.

Steve Jobs was a different kind of fellow, and he was very unapologetic about it. What made him different is that he thought differently than others. Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone thinks differently, but what was so special about my good buddy Steve was that he was okay with expressing his unhappiness with commonly accepted truth. He was also not afraid to challenge it. He actually made challenging the status quo something cool that only the courageous rebels did. Soon he created an army of these rebels who just followed his every move.

The question still remains though, “Why are so many still afraid of stepping outside of the box?” Why are so many willing to just elevate accepted behavior? The answer is in human DNA. We really like safety; the large majority actually values safety over progression. When someone just takes an accepted truth or behavior or idea and merely elevates that to another level, all they are doing is validating what is already known. They are safe from the criticism that comes from even thinking of stepping outside of the box. I mean who actually wants to get kicked in the face? No one.

I guess you’re still wondering why you have an edge on the great Steven Paul Jobs. Well, here it is… You now have validation that challenging the authority of the accepted is not only ok, you might actually influence others and make an unforgettable impact. Because you have validation, or certainty, there’s no longer anything that can hold you back from not only stepping outside the box, but you can jump off that sucker, kick it, shoot it up, or even mold it into a circle (i.e. round peg in a square whole). Certainty drives action. Action produces results. Results change lives.

Steve Jobs made himself, and his company, due to the simple fact that he was ok with being different. Steve did it. Yes, you can make yourself too.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

To find out more about Steve Jobs Click Here.

Steve Jobs 


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